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Tip Nav/Strobe Lights 

   Wingtip Nav/Strobe/White Part # AVE-WPST-002
$550/pair USD**

Aveo Tip Lights E Series Nav/strobe

Wingtip Nav/Strobe/White LowProfile E-series Part # AVE-WPSTGR-101
$744/pair USD

  Posistrobe  Tail/Strobe

Posistrobe White/Strobe Part # AVE-POS-001    $275 USD**

PosiStrobe XP

Posistrobe XP E-series BrightWhite/Strobe Part # AVE-POSW-101
$305 USD

Anti Collision Beacon

Anti Collision Beacon Part # AVE-ATCO-002  $342 USD

Tail Position/Strobe

Tail Position/Strobe Part # AVE-TBCN-002  $425 USD

Other Aveo Products

Ball Vents

 Ball vents           #AVE-BV(BLK)        $79 USD

More Quality Products COMING SOON !

* Prices are in USD - For Canadian orders, we will convert to CAD at the daily exchange rate, and add the appropriate taxes and delivery charge, to give you the best deal for your credit card.

         ** SALE ITEMS - limited stock.